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Introduction to Psycholinguistics

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This Wiki site is created for BBI 3215, Introduction of Psycholinguistics. This online assignment will be written by students (who will be working in groups) of Universiti Putra Malaysia who are all enrolled in Semester I of the 2008/2009 academic year. The 37 students in the class are the registered users of this site.

Introduction to Psycholinguistics stands at the crossroads of linguistics and psychology; concerned with discovering the psychological processes by which humans acquire and use language. The basic objective of psycholinguistics is to understand how the human mind/brain supports the comprehension, production and acquisition of language.

This semester, seven chapters will be covered by 7 groups:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Psycholinguistics
Chapter 2 Language and the Brain
Chapter 3 Mental Grammar and Language Processing
Chapter 4 Speech and Language Production
Chapter 5 Language Comprehension, Acquisition and Production in Children
Chapter 6 Language Acquisition in Adults and Bilingualism
Chapter 7 Reading Processes

Students work in groups to identify and construct the content of their chapter which are relevant to their assigned topics using references from textbooks, library research and also reliable online sources.

This Wiki Site will be monitored by a well trained Professor.

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